Smart Impulse NILM* technology:
World-class innovation and proven reliability

Nonintrusive load monitoring, or NILM technology, means measuring aggregated consumption data and using intelligent algorithms to identify the nature of consumer equipment. (*NILM: Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring)

After 10 years of intensive research and development, Smart Impulse has become the world leader in NILM technologies. By combining the high-frequency measuring of electrical signals with algorithms at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify the electrical signature of each type of equipment to continuously provide respective consumption data.


10 years of intensive R&D
6 patents filed
Reputed as the world-class provider of NILM* technology-based solutions (*NILM: Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring)


Technology certified by the French CSTB (Scientific & Technical Center for Buildings)
Tested technology adopted by the world’s leaders in energy services
The Smart Impulse team of experts guarantees the pertinence of data provided

The relative proportion of the various end-uses significantly reflects reality, so that decisions to improve energy consumption, such as energy audits, are efficiently informed.
For long-term monitoring (for example, to measure the impact of energy performance actions), […] the Smart Impulse solution is even better suited.

Smart Impulse Evaluation Study – CSTB

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