BREEAM In-Use Certification: Maximising success with Smart Impulse

In the dynamic landscape of building management, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) In-Use has emerged as a benchmarking standard. It is not just a badge of sustainability but a comprehensive reflection of a building’s environmental footprint. The narrative of a 22,000 sqm shopping centre in Paris, equipped by Smart Impulse, serves as a testament to the transformative potential of energy monitoring and optimisation.


Understanding BREEAM-In-Use

BREEAM In-Use is a certification scheme designed for existing non-domestic buildings. It serves a dual purpose: guiding managers to curtail running costs and enhancing environmental performance through intelligent design and proactive building management. The certification process is split into two distinct sections: Asset Performance, which scrutinises the physical attributes of the building, and Management Performance, which assesses the efficiency of operational management. Energy, a critical axis in this framework, commands the highest weightage, accounting for 25% and 27% in the respective categories. Achieving excellence in these areas not only uplifts the BREEAM rating but also propels a building towards a greener, cost-effective future.

Case Study Overview

Achieving sustainability in the retail sector is increasingly critical, with energy management at the core of operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.
Embarking on an ambitious mission, the leading European shopping centre confronted its significant energy consumption head-on. With an annual energy tally of 3 GWh costing a substantial 400k€, the goal was set: a 40% reduction in energy use, carving a path to BREEAM In-Use distinction. This goal underscored the need for a comprehensive strategy to understand and optimise the building’s energy usage without interrupting its bustling operations.


The Role of Smart Impulse in Energy Monitoring

Smart Impulse emerged as the game-changer, offering granular electricity monitoring and drifts identification. Its Smart X units, installed within two hours without power disruption, provided a comprehensive energy consumption breakdown. The monitoring software, equipped with a web platform and e-reports, coupled with real-time alerts, ensured that the client was always a step ahead in tracking and targeting energy savings.


Aligning with BREEAM-In-Use with Smart Impulse

Smart Impulse acts as a key asset in securing BREEAM In-Use ratings.
By offering detailed energy use breakdowns and monitoring capabilities, the Smart X® unit enables buildings to achieve up to 8 credits in Asset Performance.
In Management Performance, the Smart Impulse operational energy calculator complements the detailed consumption analysis. This solution aids in supporting energy management practices aimed at minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions. Furthermore, the accurate monitoring and data accessibility provided by Smart Impulse are integral for thorough energy consumption reporting. By leveraging Smart Impulse alongside a sustainable energy management strategy, a building can achieve up to 57 credits.


Achieving Energy Efficiency Targets

The case study exemplifies effective energy reduction, from pump operation tweaks to seasonal chiller shutdowns, driven by Smart Impulse’s insights. These measures, supported by Smart Impulse’s analytical data, resulted in a 23% reduction in energy usage, yielding an annual financial saving of 78k€. The project’s return on investment was realised in less than one month.



Smart Impulse emerges as a technological asset in achieving BREEAM In-Use certification. The case study of the leading European shopping centre is not an isolated success but a replicable model that beckons building managers to optimise energy management. By choosing Smart Impulse, they embrace an era of sustainability that is as financially rewarding as it is environmentally responsible. It’s also a versatile tool for navigating other prestigious environmental certifications like LEED O+M and HQE Exploitation.


For those poised to redefine their building’s energy optimisation and BREEAM in-use, LEED O+M or HQE Exploitation score, Smart Impulse awaits.



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