Smart Impulse raises an additional €1 million!

Smart Impulse raises an additional €1 million to accelerate its development and the industrialisation of its operations!



A development based on solid business fundamentals


Since its creation in 2011, Smart Impulse has been very focused on building a viable business model with its clients.


As a technology-intensive company, we have always heavily invested in research and innovation to remain at the global forefront of NILM technology (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) and provide our customers with high-quality products, software, and services.


However, our client-driven development has always allowed us to generate enough revenue to control our financial results and the company has been break-even since 2019.


This latest funding brings the total capital raised to €3.7 million, plus €2.4 million in research and development funding, for a total of €6.1 million in funding since its creation.


This compared to approximately €18 million in signed revenue since the company’s creation. The value we bring to our clients contributes far more to Smart Impulse’s financing than external financing.



A long-term vision with stable and independent management and shareholders



The latest fundraising was led by historical shareholders. Smart Impulse relies on independent shareholders, most of whom have been present since 2012 and provide entrepreneurial guidance in addition to their financial support.


This allows Smart Impulse to have a long-term vision with a stable management team that works to meet its customers’ challenges thanks to cutting-edge technologies to analyse energy use.



The priorities of the fundraising: sales development and industrialisation of operations


The priority is to strengthen the sales team in line with the acceleration the market due to decarbonisation roadmaps and the rise in electricity prices.


The objective is to complete the sales development team with a dedicated approach to target markets in Europe, and particularly in the United-Kingdom, Italy and Germany. Smart Impulse already works in 40 countries on 5 continents and these additional resources will allows us to develop and animate our network of energy services providers partners with a more local approach.


The rest of the funds will be dedicated to the industrialisation of its operations with the aim of increasing the number of buildings analysed from the current 2,500 to a target of 10,000. The aim is to enrich the energy monitoring tools we offer our clients (get ready for exciting announcements in September!) and to digitalise the client experience to further simplify the deployment and use of the Smart Impulse solution.


Smart Impulse also continues to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of its NILM technology of consumption breakdown by end-use.


Thanks to its rapidly accelerating viable development model and its targeted investments in high-leverage projects, Smart Impulse is more than ever the world leader in non-intrusive load metering in buildings, ready to address the challenge of rapidly reducing energy consumption in buildings on a large scale.