Smart Impulse Unveils Its New Multi-Site Feature

We are delighted to announce that our latest feature, the Multi-Site Dashboard, is now available on the Smart Impulse platform!


Designed to simplify the monitoring of energy performance across your property portfolio, this feature enables you to quickly identify priority sites and energy end-uses through benchmarking and drive your overall energy management strategy.


Energy Efficiency for Your Property Portfolio: Where to Start?

To address the economic and environmental challenges of reducing energy consumption in the real estate sector, you are likely facing a recurring question: where to start? How to define and prioritise a relevant action plan for your portfolio?


Without data on electric end-use, this action plan often ends up prioritising the most energy-consuming sites, regardless of their equipment or type. However, in doing so, energy managers risk comparing sites that are fundamentally different in terms of end-uses, thereby limiting the impact of your investments in energy-saving initiatives (for instance, optimizing the consumption of a site equipped with data centers will be quite challenging).


Smart Impulse, a world leader in non-intrusive measurement of electrical end-use in commercial buildings, has analysed over 3,500 buildings in more than 50 countries. We now offer you a multisite dashboard that enables you to summarise, understand, and target priority sites and end-uses for your action plans using homogeneous data from one site to another.


By providing consumption data on sites, Smart Impulse enables you to quickly define and prioritise a concrete and effective action plan for your portfolio.



Energy Benchmarking of Sites by end-use – In colour, the generic end-uses of your property portfolio


Discover the Key Features of the Multi-Site Dashboard

Site Comparison by Usage: With benchmarking, you can compare the energy consumption of different properties in your portfolio based on metrics such as total consumption in kWh and kWh per square meter. Additionally, a detailed analysis of homogeneous data by end-use, such as lighting, air conditioning, and heating, allows for a clear understanding of energy consumption by equipment.


Portfolio Consumption Trends: With the multi-site dashboard, you can quickly monitor the key indicators of your property portfolio (total consumption, average performance) and track consumption trends over time, by site or by end-uses. The portfolio consumption evolution graph helps identify trends, deviations, and areas for improvement across the portfolio and visualize the impact of implemented actions over months or years (e.g., seeing a decrease in lighting consumption between two periods justifies an investment made).



Monitoring consumption for each site: From the multisite dashboard, you can select a site of interest and access its detailed consumption with one click. You can also track the evolution of consumption by end-use over time for this site to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions.


Advanced Filters: Flexible filter options allow you to refine the analysis based on specific criteria such as the analysis period or site characteristics like area, country, type of activity, or type of heating. This feature adapts to the specificities of each property portfolio, thereby enhancing the usefulness and relevance of the dashboard.





My Sites: The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the buildings in your property portfolio. Whether presented in map or table form, this user-friendly interface offers quick access to essential information and characteristics of your buildings, which you can update or modify as needed.



We have designed the new multi-site feature as the reference interface to optimise and control the electricity consumption of your entire property portfolio.


This innovation aims to help you meet current challenges: high energy prices and increasingly demanding CSR strategies. With this new feature, you can not only optimise your energy performance but also strengthen your commitment to corporate social responsibility.


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The entire Smart Impulse team hopes that these new features will help you make the right decisions to move towards a greener world.


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